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    I’m Julia, come and join me in my creative world of illustrations, portraits and paintings. I hope that my work will inspire you to create.

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    On my youtube you can find free workshops in several playlist, there is als an English online Facebook workshop available about PanPastel.

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PanPastel® Workshop book & Signature Starter Set by Julia Woning available Worldwide!

In addition to my Dutch PanPastel® book. I can inform you that my book PanPastel® Workshop is available in English now in the US, UK and the rest of the world ;-). Where ever you buy your PanPastel® colours they will sell the book or you can order it. There is also a signature PanPastel® Starter Set by Julia Woning. You can buy them together in a set or buy them separately.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new website. From now on I will  write blog post about my creative journey.

Pronty Crafts by Julia Woning

Playing with Stencils and Foamstamps in my Art Journals.

PanPastel® Signature set by Julia Woning

The PanPastel® Colors that Julia uses throughout her PanPastel® workshop book are available in the Panpastel® Signature Set by Julia Woning you can purchase the book or set there were you can buy your PanPastel® Colors.

ArtJournal Album by Julia Woning

I made especially for MUS this versatile ArtJournal Album by Julia. The album has an imitation leather binding (which is printed in full colour) with four booklets, each attached to the binding by an elastic band.

Derwent Brand Ambassador

Since the end of 2016 Julia is a Derwent Ambassador. “I didn’t need to think twice about a collaboration. This brand has so much variation in products I love to create/work with it . I am the head of the Derwent-Colourstock design team and we have an enthusiastic design team. We create content for the brand on sociale media: Facebook and Instagram. In addition I give demonstrations and workshops in the Netherlands and Belgium for Derwent.

PanPastel® Ambassador

Since the end of 2016 Julia is a PanPastel® Ambassador. “I’m in love with PanPastel®. The smoothness, the velvety look, I love it. What surprised me the most is how great you can mix the colors, it is just like mixing paint. And you can get great results with PanPastel® on Pastelmat paper, that’s my favorite combination. I have written a book PanPastel®Workshop available in Dutch and in English. I love to give demonstrations and workshops in the Netherlands and Belgium for PanPastel®.